Congregational Leader Khannah Josué

Khannah Josué is the Congregational Leader of Beit Midrash (House of Study) a Prophetic Messianic Congregation, founder and Chancellor of Prayer Fast International “A Modern Day Yeshiva” and CEO of YAFA. As a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team and John Maxwell certified coach, trainer and teacher, she is also a regarded international speaker, author and cultivator.

Background: Khannah Josué was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Congregational Leader Josué has identified her Jewish heritage through history: When Christopher Columbus arrived in Haiti, he had an interpreter, Luis de Torres. Luis was one of the first Jews to settle on Haiti in 1492. Additionally, in 1937 the government issued passports and visas to Haiti for Jews in Eastern Europe, to escape the Nazi persecution. Congregational Leader Josué was birthed in the Kingdom of G-d in 1985 under the leadership of the late Bishop E. Johnson, Holy Temple #1 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In 1993, the L-rd placed Congregational Leader Josué under the spiritual wings of the renowned Bishop T. D. Jakes of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, where she received her Intercessory call. Along that journey, the L-rd used Prophet John L. Mohorn, Pastor of the Word of the Living God Ministry in Pompano Beach, Florida, to activate the prophetic mantle that is upon her life.

Rabbinic:  In November 2008, Congregational Leader Josué formerly Prophet Dominique Josué was immersed in a Mikvah at the Jordan River in Israel. [Mikvah is a Rabbinic Baptism]. Rabbi Yisrael Ben A’vfaham and Rabbi Eli Ben Yosef pronounced Prophet’s Josué new name “Khannah” giving by G-d. Which is hebraically coded in scripture reference: Proverbs 31:17 “She gathers her strength around her and throws herself into her work.” Congregational Leader Josué is continuing her rabbinic studies at a Messianic Jewish Yeshiva.

Covering /Covenant Connections:

* Apostle Keenan Burgess of Abundant Life, Dallas TX

* Rabbi Gene Dwinell of Ahavat Adonai Messianic Jewish Congregation, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

* ArchBishop Veron Ashe, Sacramento, CA

* Congregational Leader Josué is a graduate of Kingdom Universityand protégé of Dr. Cindy Trimm, Stockbridge, GA

Teaching Style: The L-rd has ignited Congregational Leader Josué with a passion for prayer which compels her to teach and redirect the Body of Believers to its Jewish root. It is her mandate to raise a Kingdom of Intercessors. Congregational Leader Josué teaches with a fervency, debt and clarity that penetrates traditional thinking while challenging listeners to seek a more intimate relationship with G-d through learning and study from a Jewish perspective.


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